In today’s market of high school sports, specifically soccer in the Baltimore MD area, players, parents, and coaches are all trying to gain a competitive edge to get their players and team media attention. This attention will attract hopefully, college recruiters to come look at their program and specifically their players. Because of the budget restrictions that most high school programs face coaches are limited in the amount of specialized training they can provide to their athletes.

Oni Premier Soccer Academy can fill the gap. Oni Premier Soccer Academy has been training local youth teams for several years. Many successful teams have come through our program.

Oni Premier coaching staff is highly qualified and experienced in working with young players and teams.  All trainers have college and/or professional playing experience and go through an intense training program specially designed by Albert Oni.

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging for even the most dedicated soccer athlete. The amount of training time increases dramatically in the off season between middle school and high school. If not managed properly athletes are prone to injury even before that first high season starts. Oni Premier Soccer Academy trainers have the knowledge and experience to transition athletes into a higher fitness level without injury. Our trainers know the balance that is so important. The main problem is that too many high school coaches think that running players (2 x a day) in the preseason is the only way to get them in shape. Our trainers will work with coaches to get the most out of their players and prepare the mentally as well as physically for the season. We educate our athletes on proper nutrition, agility training, soccer tactics and strategy, as well as proper rest.