The Oni Premier Soccer Academy (OPSA) strives to create a competitive and elite training atmosphere for exceptional youth soccer players. OPSA takes a unique approach with a small number of teams to allow the coaching staff to provide individualized attention for each player in order to maximize player development and provide continuity. This approach allows players to feel valued and recognized as well as to receive elite-level coaching and training, while increasing their opportunities:

  1. to be exposed to the highest levels of competition
  2. to further their development as student athletes at the high school and college level and beyond.

OPSA will provide a year-round soccer training program that will help players grow to their greatest potential. These teams will compete in the northeast, mid-atlantic region's premier leagues, and will participate in top-quality tournaments nationwide. It is our goal to offer these players the greatest opportunities to attain the exposure that will allow them to be successful athletes on the country's top collegiate teams, United States national teams, and/or professional soccer teams.